Nowata Fishiness

I stopped downtown yesterday on my way home from work to take a few shots with my fisheye lens and here a few of the passable ones that I came up with.  As always click the pics for the full hi-res version.


Video: Heatwave In The Heartland ’09

As usual the Tulsa Gluedobbers put on a great event with their 60th annual Heatwave In The Heartland.  Here are just a few of the highlights that I was able to capture.





July 15th Storms


_MG_7180_MG_7176_MG_7158_MG_7144_MG_7134_MG_7122_MG_7170Kewl new feature alert:  if you click the thumbnails below you get to see the images full size.

Teapot In The Sky!

These are not some of my best shots, they are a bit out of focus, but they do show off the teapot asterism rather well.   The teapot lies to the south in our night sky right now,  and is always quite low on the horizon.  Its in one of the brightest spots in our milky way galaxy because it’s in the general direction of our galactic center so it makes for some good photographic opportunities with lots of nebulae and star clusters nearby.

What is an asterism you ask?  Well its a small grouping of stars that is not an officially recognized constellation.  Do you know any other asterisms?  Well, One of the most famous ones is the Big Dipper. That’s right the Big Dipper is NOT a constellation it’s actually a part of the constellation Ursa Major, the Big Bear.

teapot light

teapot light HL