April 14th, Storms

The first real storms of the year moved through this afternoons and evening.  Got to shoot a wall cloud and then later I caught some lightning.


Snow shots.

We got a little snow this last week, enough in fact, that they closed the schools down for two days.  Does this look like enough snow to make you stay home from work?  Makes me wonder what we are teaching our kids.  I mean really, years from now are they going to think its okay to skip out on work when a couple inches of snow falls?  Probably.



October 18th Storms.

Really?  Yeah man, we had some killer storms last night.  To me it was sort of unexpected but there were plenty of folks watching the skies last night.  Frank hollered at Stacy and I, He had scoped them out on the way home from Tulsa.  Man I am glad he called, I got lots of good shots.  Too many to choose just one for use on my 365 page.  So…here they are in all their glory.

July 15th Storms


_MG_7180_MG_7176_MG_7158_MG_7144_MG_7134_MG_7122_MG_7170Kewl new feature alert:  if you click the thumbnails below you get to see the images full size.