October 18th Storms.

Really?  Yeah man, we had some killer storms last night.  To me it was sort of unexpected but there were plenty of folks watching the skies last night.  Frank hollered at Stacy and I, He had scoped them out on the way home from Tulsa.  Man I am glad he called, I got lots of good shots.  Too many to choose just one for use on my 365 page.  So…here they are in all their glory.

Led Zepplin without Robert Plant

Zep without Plant

Page’s manager discusses possible tour and album
for Zep mark II
Legendary rock manager Peter Mensch has been
discussing his client Jimmy Page’s plans to reform
Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant.
According to Mensch, Jimmy Page, bassist John
Paul Jones and Jason Bonham – the son of original
Zep drummer John Bonham – look likely to tour,
and there’s even talk of recording an album. more…

Let me just say up front that if they do this and call themselves Led Zepplin its a huge mistake.  They’ll wish they hadn’t because in the long long run all it will do is cheapen the legacy that they built in the time when FM was still cool.  Am I saying that Paige and Jones and Bonham shouldn’t get together, find a singer, and play some new tunes, do some shows?  No, I’d probably pay to see that, I’m just saying don’t try to force the issue and don’t put some poser up there in Robert’s spot.  You can’t fake Zepplin man.

If he doesn’t want to play then I’m sure he has a good reason for it.  That reason might be a little gig he has had going with Alison Krauss, they have an album out called Raising Sand and have done some touring to back it up.  He may be thinking that they don’t have what it takes Continue reading

Las tres hermanas!

Las Tres Hermanas!

Las Tres Hermanas!

I woke up this morning and was doing the obligatory head count that I have grown accustomed to over the last few years.  It was important to do, especially today because Little White Momma was in seclusion yesterday evening so I knew she was getting close to having her kid(s).  Well, she was missing so I went searching for her.  She had taken up residence in the abandoned dog house and had three kids sometime in the night.  When I found them this morning I just wanted to make sure every one was alive and breathing but when I went home today at lunch, I was on a mission, that’s right a mission, to find out what they were.  Man was I ever psyched to find that they were all future momma’s to the herd!

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