Comet Pan-STARRS 03-12-2013


Sweet, Frank and I went out to shoot Comet Pan-STARRS just north of town this evening the 12th of March 2013. It took a bit of trying in the hazy skies to see it naked eye but it was possible.

Canon 7d most were taken at f5.6, 800 ISO with a 70-300mm lens.

May 20, 2012 Annular Eclipse

We had a pretty good Impromptu star party out at Hensley Manor this evening.  Three cameras and a video camera were present to capture the fleeting minutes of this great astronomical show.  Thank you Mother Nature for clearing out the clouds for us.

This shot is pretty early on with a filter in place.

This shot is just before the sun and moon both set here in Oklahoma.  I wish we could have been in New Mexico so we could have seen it at maximum but it was a great show anyhow.


I told you there was a video camera there.  Jeff did a nice job filming.

The Hunter the Rabbit and the Dog.

The weather was so nice out today and into this evening that I decided to get out and get some star trail shots this evening.

This first shot is a 15 second exposure.

This one is the same 15 second exposure from the first shot and 12 5 minute exposures stacked and darkened so that only the brightest stars actually show up in the trails.

This final one is the same 15 second exposure as the other two shots, its also the same 12 5 minute exposures stacked, only they are lightened so that only more of the stars show up in the trails.