July 4th Fireworks Display

Happy July 4th to everyone!

October 18th Storms.

Really?  Yeah man, we had some killer storms last night.  To me it was sort of unexpected but there were plenty of folks watching the skies last night.  Frank hollered at Stacy and I, He had scoped them out on the way home from Tulsa.  Man I am glad he called, I got lots of good shots.  Too many to choose just one for use on my 365 page.  So…here they are in all their glory.


I found some crazy kewl flowers to shoot today.  Too many to pick just one for my 365 and leave it at that.  Anyhow, here they are.  If any of you know what some of them are please leave me a comment and share the info.

Crazy looking berries, anybody care to taste one?

You Flowata Noral Girls go ahead and make your jokes.  No, I didn’t pluck it.

Just a wider angle of my 365 pic for today.

Another shot of some snakeroot.

I would really like to know what these are.  I don’t believe I had ever seen them before today.

Iridescent cloud

On my way home from work I spotted this faint  iridescent cloud through the sunroof of my truck.  Anyhow long story short I had to get a shot if it.  What is the big blurry thing at the bottom of the frame you ask?  Well, that is a fence post I used to block out the glare of the sun so I could get the shot otherwise the entire frame would have been blown out.