KONY 2012

You know, for the most part I think we as the United States have poked our nose in and played world police plenty in the last few decades but when it comes to individuals like this Kony guy I think there must be exceptions made.  After all, this is all about people voicing their opinions and making something great happen for the better of the world.  Not just for oil, or gold, or wealth of any kind it’s for the kids that he is abusing and killing and the families that he is destroying.  I can only hope that someone would do the same for our children if something like this were to happen on American soil.

So do this, take 30 minutes and watch this video, see if it doesn’t hit you in your soft spot just a little bit.  If it doesn’t just chalk me up as a nut and move on but if it does at the very least post this video up on your facebook page or on your blog or give it a good tweet and lets make this happen.