The hill

Looking east down the hill.

Looking west up the hill.

Tomorrow I go to the polls to vote for the county commissioner in my district.  The new one is bound to do a better job than what we have had recently, while he is at it maybe he can widen the road over this blind hill.  I just hope we the voters make the right decision.

See, this is not a pot hole that might ruin a tire or throw your alignment out, this will injure or kill somebody someday.  In normal weather it’s at best two lanes when the snow and ice is on it’s one lane and very scary when you meet up with another vehicle on it.

Do the right thing and fix it please new Mr. County Commissioner.

So, You Want To Get To South Pole Quick?

What do you use to fuel the adventure?  Read more at

Canadian adventurers Ray Zahab, left, Kevin Vallely, center, and Richard Weber, right, are pictured at the South Pole on Thursday. South Pole Quest via AP

Thats right, these gentlemen sustained themselves for a 700 mile trip across Antarctica fueled only by bacon, cheese and huge hunks of butter.  Although it was probably canadian bacon, which is more like thinly sliced ham, it’s still awesome!