Video: Blue Baby Maiden

This video documents the maiden of the Blue Baby 42″ monobloc with the KFm3 airfoil. Its powered with an e-flite 450 pnp, 10x5e prop (pulled from my mini pulse when I upgraded) a 20 amp ESC from Heads Up RC and various servos in the 9 gram range that I had laying around. Now that I know it flies and handles the wind well it will get a snazzy new paint job. It also needs some upgraded landing gear I don’t think I like the “instant retracts” concept at this point.

Video: Tri-Pacer Ride

Jeff and I have been fortune enough to make friends with most of the pilots at our local airport and every so often they offer to take us up for a ride.  Anyway, while we were out flying Friday evening Mark, the owner of a kick ass yellow Tri-Pacer stopped by and ask if  we wanted to go up.  It was Jeff’s turn, I had already been up with Bill the owner of the Cessna you will see take off late in the video.  Anyhow here is the video for you to check out.

Thanks go out to all of the pilots at NMA for puttin up with us and also to Gov’t Mule for making such killer tunes and allowing the Tapers to do what they do…that’s right folks, this one has a really groovy soundtrack.

Video Update: Down and Dirty Wing

DnD Wing  –  Down and Dirty built over this weekend out of foam sheeting insulation aka FFF, it has a 28″ wingspan, 2 HS81 servos, a 2800Kv outrunner motor and flys off of 2 and 3 cell 1300mah LiPo batteries and a 6×4 Stryker prop.  Should be a screamer!  Wish me luck with the maiden I’m probably going to need it.

Update – Maiden Report:  Well the first flight was not pretty, it went something like this; side arm launch, roll,  inverted nose dive into the tarmac, but being a foamie it bounced right back.   Sure, it was dented up but still very flyable, so after I dusted it off and checked everything, back out we went.  I made a few power off test glides and decided it was time for the real deal.  No more side arm launches for this little bird, its not a Superfly.  Ok the second flight was, how should I say this, FAST and twitchy but it flew and that’s the most important thing.  I brought it in and adjusted the control throws way down and went back out, better, man this thing hauled the beans!  At this point I really needed to just chill and take a minute so I did. I brought it in safely and took a break.  I watched Jeff fly his Stryker and toned the throws down a bit more.  I don’t know why I chose to do so but I grabbed one of my old 1250mah 3 cell lipos and strapped it in.  Back out to the flight line we go, launch was normal and I got it trimmed for nice level flight, man, I’m really starting to get the hang of the speed of this thing and the key is to just use half the throttle.  I was pretty sure Jeff was itching to try it out so I offered it up and he accepted.  I was climbing out to get some altitude so I could hand off the radio and wham it rolled over inverted and spiraled into the ground from about 60 feet up.  I had no control, none, nada, zilch and that is not a good feeling.  You can see the aftermath and destruction in the last picture below.  Also, Jeff shot video of the first couple flights and if it turns out I will be sure to post it up somewhere and share it with you all.

Ok, so I have come to the conclusion that the old battery was the cause of the crash and the reason I say that is I fly the same sized battery in my Superfly and I tried them out in it today.  When flying the Superfly with the questionably old batteries the throttle would cut out on me and its slow enough that I was able to glide around but what I noticed was that if I dropped the throttle stick all the way down and brought it back up it would start back up and run normally for a few minutes before it would do it again.  When the crash happened I thought that the radio had somehow failed but on the other hand now I think the DnD may have stalled when the throttle quit and maybe that’s what caused me to think I had no control over it.  I’m not making excuses but it was quite a ways out from me and the wind was blowing so I really could not have heard the motor running even if it was.  I was having so much fun on that last flight that I will build another one of these before too long.

Video is up and its the very bottom of this post.  Once again Jeff has done a great job filming.  Thanks Jeff!

Down and Dirty Wing

Downa and Dirty Wing - Bottom Side

Down and Dirty Top View (aftermath)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video: Cermark Edge 540

I thought I would share one of the videos that Jeff shot of me flying  this last summer and if all goes well this will be posted on the airplane manufacturers website.   The guys from Cermark just got really lucky that this was one of the flights when I didn’t crash.  How kewl is that?

Never fear though, there are plenty of these that I do crash in and I will post them periodically for your amusement.  Plus Jeff is a really good videographer so he catches most, if not all of the destruction.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Click here for the Cermark website and here to see the video once there just click the media tab.