July 4th Fireworks Display

Happy July 4th to everyone!

Fireworks ’09

Normally on the 4th we buy a bunch of fireworks and light them off at the house.  I kinda got out of the habit of going in town to the city’s display quite a few years back see, its just not safe at all.   Now, don’t get me wrong I can enjoy a good bottle rocket or roman candle fight just like anyone else can but in town everyone packs into our city park and you have to worry about who is going to launch what behind you and if they even know what its gonna do when they light it.  That kinda takes the fun out of it ’cause I don’t wanna go up like Micheal Jackson at a Pepsi commercial shoot. Anyway, so this year Em and I decided to go to town, we met up with Fewok and his family at the 2nd hole fairway of our local golf course and watched the big displays that were put on by the city (which are quite far away) and the Dunn’s, Smith’s and or Thomas’ which were right there in front of us.  See, I’m not real sure exactly who is responsible for the one’s shot from the golf course but it’s some or all of the family’s I just listed and man they put on a show.  Thanks guys!

Wouldn’t you know it we left a little too early, that never happens, so before we got to the actual fireworks shows I went out to the Elm Bend water tower and took some shots of a couple of storms that were off to the northwest.


IMG_6749SMOn the way back to town from shooting these storms I saw a formation of f-16 fighters flying in formation over Nowata so I snapped a couple shots.   Here is the only one of the bunch that turned out.  Later when I got home they mentioned on the news that George W. Bush was in Weatherford OK for the 4th.  I’ll bet that’s where they were going!

IMG_6751SMAnyhow, we got back and set up at the golf course and and here is some of what we saw.  Thanks again go out to the people on the hill.  You put on a fine show!


And here is a little Video that Em shot while we were out there.  It was her first time using the video camera and I think she did a good job for her first time.  Great job Sis!