Comet Hartley 2

I have high hopes that this little green fuzzball will grow a tail soon.  I have yet to see any predictions so I’m not real hopeful but it will be fun to keep an eye on it for the next month or so.  The really good shots are gonna come from the EPOXI mission its going to take pics from 435 miles out.

This is a 1.5 minute exposure.  Man, my barndoor tracker sure came in handy for this one.  I can’t wait to  try some more shots in the coming nights.  I may even try to do some stacking of multiple images before this is over,  if the weather will hold out that is…

Wired News has a story about Comet Hartley 2.

Sky and Telescope has this spotting map up for us all to use.

Here is the official EPOXI mission page straight from NASA.

  • ISO800
  • f4
  • 90sec
  • 75mm

Jupiter’s Moons

I go to APOD about everyday, it makes me feel like I’m learning something even if I don’t exactly understand what the picture of the day is or how it may pertain to me.  But I generally go there everyday and if I see something that really sticks then I will download it and use it as a background for my desktop.

Anyhow, the other day I went to see what I might learn and lo and behold there was cloud covered picture of our Moon with Jupiter and his moons leading the way across the elliptical plane.  What a very kewl shot, I mean, there is something about looking through a telescope and seeing the moons that Galileo saw but this was different, it isn’t shot through a telescope  the guy behind the camera was able to capture them without one and I had to give that a try.

Here is my attempt, at first glance you will notice that in my shots Jupiter is overexposed and I believe that is due in part, to the lack of clouds that act as a natural filter in his shots.  You might also notice that there only appears to be three dancing moons.  I think the reason for that is that one of the moons is either in front or directly behind the planet itself.



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