Video: Blue Baby Maiden

This video documents the maiden of the Blue Baby 42″ monobloc with the KFm3 airfoil. Its powered with an e-flite 450 pnp, 10x5e prop (pulled from my mini pulse when I upgraded) a 20 amp ESC from Heads Up RC and various servos in the 9 gram range that I had laying around. Now that I know it flies and handles the wind well it will get a snazzy new paint job. It also needs some upgraded landing gear I don’t think I like the “instant retracts” concept at this point.

Video: DL50 Re-Maiden

I had to rebuild the tail feathers on my dl50 because the original ones were warped. This time around I used light weight fiberglass and WBPU and a wax paper bagging technique that I learned here. It was quite windy so I wasn’t getting very good flight times but it was launching nice and high and fairly straight. I can’t wait to get this little plane into a Killer Okie Boomer! Come on warm weather!!!!