Fine-Stine Forward!

Fine-Stien ForwardKO

A local business is putting on an Ugly T-shirt Design Contest.  When I thought about ugly Mrs. Feinstein came to mind.  Anyhow, here is my design.

e-zee tee


Okie Chupacabra

The News On Six out of Tulsa is reporting a woman in southeastern Oklahoma has found the carcass of what she claims is a Chupacabra (Goat Sucker). Hopefully, the as of yet unnamed person, has this sucker in her freezer so the proper tests can be run on it to see what it is.  Maybe its a mangy coyote?  In fact there probably is a rational explanation but, what if there isn’t?  What if its a new breed of varmint I can tell you one thing ,if I catch one of these trying to get at my stock we’ll have a  specimen.  Same goes for the Montauk Monster maybe it is a ‘coon but what if its not?

Man, I love this shit!

Chupa HeadClick the pic for the full Newson6 story and another picture.

Deadly Force…Disgusting and Perverse Misuse Of Power.

Click here to read the complete Washington Post story

Payton and Chase's Dogtags

Payton and Chase's Dogtags

Now I realize this is a long story but, it is an extremely good read and hopefully it will turn out to have a happy ending.  Probably not but we can all hope right?  There is no good reason for people and animals to have to deal with these type of paramilitary and gestapo tactics.  Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?  Somebody needs to fix this mess!

Video: BBC NEWS – A pilot’s eye view of NY crash flight (simulator footage)

I really don’t mean to keep harping on this subject, but Capt. Sullenberger did one hell of a job getting all of those people safely back down to go on with the rest their lives. I was sure hoping something like this would show up on the net for all of us to see.  Holy cow man! This kind of puts it all into perspective now doesn’t it?

He should gets lots of Christmas cards next year!  Do you think he’ll get a bonus or medal or something for his heroic landing or to you think that the airline just look at it like a “Eh, well, he did his job.” type of thing?