Nowatans stand up!

From what I understand our fire chief Don Belden was let go for not wearing the proper gear into a burning house.  A burning from which he saved a young boys life.  What was he supposed to do stand idle and watch the house burn up with people inside?  Apparently!

These folks stood outside the city hall all day eliciting honks from passers-by in protest of the decision that was made.


One response to “Nowatans stand up!

  1. I don’t know the whole situation; but to me i doesn’t matter. Fire chief, fire fighter or bystander, saving the child in the burning home is more important than having the “right gear” on. I think it was handled very poorly & too harshly. Isn’t saving lives part of the job?? What if it was them (person who fired Mr. Belden)whose child was in that house? Would they have not let anyone in there without the “right gear” on?? Would they of stood by & let the child perish?? I dont think so!! Give Mr. Belden his job back!!! and an accomodation!!

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