Ponce Inlet, Surfin’ and the lighthouse.


Para-sail Ponce Inlet.

There were loads of surfers but…

This guy was really good…

Good at pickin’ the right wave and I think that’s the name of the game.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse from the beach.  Don’t get on them dunes either buster!

Sunset fishin’…

The marina at sunset.

The lighthouse after dark.

One response to “Ponce Inlet, Surfin’ and the lighthouse.

  1. Absolutely enjoyable collection. I salute your efforts and your “eye” for the shot.

    The lighthouse after dark is my favorite, with Hibiscus, Moon, and Venus a strong second, but these were all a wonderful way to share in your experience. The shot of the launch I saw previous to these while you were there was breathtaking.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the memories.

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