The shortest day was the last…

Don the alligator hung out with us on the lanai.

The lanai is about as perfect as it gets for a cage.

StacyG’s camera.

Almost to Houston…the flight home was a bittersweet one.  I don’t think I have ever been treated nicer by people who I hardly knew.  Thank you all, especially you StacyG, you made it the trip of a lifetime!  See you in 24 days.

Ponce Inlet, Surfin’ and the lighthouse.


Para-sail Ponce Inlet.

There were loads of surfers but…

This guy was really good…

Good at pickin’ the right wave and I think that’s the name of the game.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse from the beach.  Don’t get on them dunes either buster!

Sunset fishin’…

The marina at sunset.

The lighthouse after dark.

Hotel wildlife and Kennedy Space Center…

Kissy-face doves.

Another dove…

This was one ballsy little tree rat.

He was not at all happy with dried pineapple.

Launch complex 39A, this is the pad that we saw Atlantis launch from.

Launch complex 39B, we are approximately 2 miles away on the Gantry.

Engines on a Saturn V rocket are what sent man to the moon.

The view from the VIP launch viewing area at the Apollo center.

Moon, Venus and a volleyball net on Cocoa Beach at dusk.

Hibiscus, Moon and Venus.,