Polk Salad

I took the dogs for the first morel hunt of the year, yeah I know its early yet, so what we had fun.  Pepper got a pack rat thanks to a killer assist from Fred and I got a couple kewl shots for here and my 365project so it was a good time.  We’ll get the fungus next time.

I believe that this is a stand of  young polkweed plants, sometimes referred to as polk salad.  You know, I’ve heard the song many many times and always thought I might like to try eating some polk salad sometime, but after reading up on the subject and the possible side effects if not prepared properly, I think I may pass and just admire the plant as a plant and not as a possible snack. I will however be more than happy to pick any willing volunteers a big ol’ mess of the stuff as long as I get to watch as you heave uncontrollably and sweat.  Sick as it is I think that might be sorta humorous.