Iridescent cloud

On my way home from work I spotted this faint  iridescent cloud through the sunroof of my truck.  Anyhow long story short I had to get a shot if it.  What is the big blurry thing at the bottom of the frame you ask?  Well, that is a fence post I used to block out the glare of the sun so I could get the shot otherwise the entire frame would have been blown out.

5 responses to “Iridescent cloud

  1. Justin, thanks for posting the pics of Kent’s Harris & my Red Tailed Hawks on your blog. to get more information on Falconry go to,,, Hunting season is coming to a close due to spring,the molt & rabbits and other Falconry quarry sre breeding for the next season, but Kent & I might come up this weekend before it gets to hot. Thanks again & keep checking those clouds! Jonathan

  2. If you guys are coming please send me an email and I will try to show you all some other spots to try. I have your email so I will send you a note so you will have mine.

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