Moon Halo

There is a winter storm approaching in a day or so that is supposed to bring lots of ice and or snow and I can’t help but believe that this halo is a harbinger if such nasty phenomena.  See, this halo is caused by ice crystals in the upper atmosphere reflecting light from the moon.

One response to “Moon Halo

  1. My Friend saw that. She called the oldest and wisest person she knows to has about why there was a ring around the moon. She called my husband and he told EXACTLY what you have said.
    I tried to take a photo also but my camera is not good enough to do the job.
    I am super glad you managed to do it!!

    As I was trying to take the photo and he talked to her, the circle changed. And only 3/4 of the moon was circled …very odd.
    But fasincating.

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