Video: B-ville Big Bird Fly-in

We loaded up and went to one of our local R/C fly-ins yesterday at the Bartlesville Falcons Model Air Park in Copan Ok. It was their annual big bird fly-in and there was a very respectable turnout of planes, pilots and fans of the hobby. You can check out some still shots I took by clicking this link below.

Click here for pics.

3 responses to “Video: B-ville Big Bird Fly-in

  1. Hey man great pics and vids! It’s just like I was there!

    (ya might want to take the nowata airport plug off the lead in on the Jet & Heli tho’)

    Did you gat any vid of the Razorback? I saw the pics and they are great. Keep up the good work so lazy bums like myself can enjoy your efforts!


  2. I put an apology in the notes of the vid with the wrong airport listed. It takes too long to upload so I’m not re-doing it.
    About the vid of the razorback,and the P51 for that matter, I missed them when I got backwards with my vidcam. I did however get lots of good footage of my hand and my lap and the green green grass out there at falcon field. 😉 Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

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