Teapot In The Sky!

These are not some of my best shots, they are a bit out of focus, but they do show off the teapot asterism rather well.   The teapot lies to the south in our night sky right now,  and is always quite low on the horizon.  Its in one of the brightest spots in our milky way galaxy because it’s in the general direction of our galactic center so it makes for some good photographic opportunities with lots of nebulae and star clusters nearby.

What is an asterism you ask?  Well its a small grouping of stars that is not an officially recognized constellation.  Do you know any other asterisms?  Well, One of the most famous ones is the Big Dipper. That’s right the Big Dipper is NOT a constellation it’s actually a part of the constellation Ursa Major, the Big Bear.

teapot light

teapot light HL

Video: LCROSS swingby

How is this not on the evening news and well, just all over the media?  We are going back to the moon guys!  Seriously,  I can’t wait until we have bots and various other equipment crawling all over the moon, checking stuff out and getting things ready for our eventual manned mars missions.

Where’s George

Where's George?

I got dollar bill in some change the other day, I have seen a bunch of these over the years and have looked at a few but its been a long time.  This time I actually remembered about the stamp and went to www.wheresgeorge.com to see where it had been.  So far its only been to Sapulpa and Nowata but  I’m going to post it up here so I can follow it and see where it ends up.  Wanna check it out?

Click here for this particular bill’s page.  E1916—8B

Video: B-ville Big Bird Fly-in

We loaded up and went to one of our local R/C fly-ins yesterday at the Bartlesville Falcons Model Air Park in Copan Ok. It was their annual big bird fly-in and there was a very respectable turnout of planes, pilots and fans of the hobby. You can check out some still shots I took by clicking this link below.

Click here for pics.

Video: Saturday Flyin

After some motor problems a few weeks ago Jeff had to put a new tail wheel on his pulse and this is the first flight since the change. At the end of this video you get to see Jeff make one sweet dead-stick landing made on Monroe’s High-wing Trainer.

Jeff and I both bought one of these at the Hobby Lobby Black Friday sale way back in November. We got really good deals on them but they just kind of got set aside for a while. I have to say this is a fun plane to fly and its my first shot at a ducted fan. (all stock HL gear and a 2250 3cell LiPo) On the second flight with the Soarjet I actually sat down to fly. It’s going to be a great lazy day flier.