Video: Tri-Pacer Ride

Jeff and I have been fortune enough to make friends with most of the pilots at our local airport and every so often they offer to take us up for a ride.  Anyway, while we were out flying Friday evening Mark, the owner of a kick ass yellow Tri-Pacer stopped by and ask if  we wanted to go up.  It was Jeff’s turn, I had already been up with Bill the owner of the Cessna you will see take off late in the video.  Anyhow here is the video for you to check out.

Thanks go out to all of the pilots at NMA for puttin up with us and also to Gov’t Mule for making such killer tunes and allowing the Tapers to do what they do…that’s right folks, this one has a really groovy soundtrack.

Video: DL50 Re-Maiden

I had to rebuild the tail feathers on my dl50 because the original ones were warped. This time around I used light weight fiberglass and WBPU and a wax paper bagging technique that I learned here. It was quite windy so I wasn’t getting very good flight times but it was launching nice and high and fairly straight. I can’t wait to get this little plane into a Killer Okie Boomer! Come on warm weather!!!!