Video: HankIII on LiveDaily

This my friends is some real country music, not the nash-vegas bullshit new country that is so prevalent these days.  This ain’t your momma’s Rascal Flats son, I hope you can handle it.  See you won’t hear Hank3 on terrestrial radio, hell for that matter you rarely hear his grandad, anymore and that’s just a damn shame.

While your at it, why don’t you go sign the petition, lets all work together and get Hank reinstated to the Grand Ole Opry.

You can download MP3’s of this short stripped down set if you like over at LiveDaily or scroll down and check out the videos right here at UFOznbacon.

Though his lineage includes two country music legends, Shelton Hank Williams III , usually referred to as Hank III, prefers to pave his own way. The self-described “hellbilly” melds a touch of grandfather Hank Williams Sr.’s old-fashioned country…read more at LiveDaily

Six Pack Of Beer

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A Little Bit A Smoke &  A Whole Lot A Wine

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Country Heroes

Vodpod videos no longer available.

LiveDaily Sessions: There are lots of shows similar to this one

2 responses to “Video: HankIII on LiveDaily

  1. That’s the way ya do it!

    BTW Hank 1’s daughter/archivist Jett is releasing a box set of his radio show recordings, made direct-to-disc (without the compressors, filters, etc. that were used on his albums). The bit I’ve heard on the web is sublime.

    Stick with the sat. radio/podcasts/independent web producers… most content on conventional radio is a caricature of what music used to be [/old fart rant]

  2. You know I have quite a few of those recordings, I cant wait to hear them after they are all cleaned up. I got mine off of Dimeadozen and they are rough but still worth listening to. To me, the list goes like this, Robert Johnson, Charlie Poole, Jimmy Rodgers, Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams. Without any one of those masters of music we wouldn’t be where we are today. Its a shame that more people don’t get to hear them.

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