No Cutsies, I’m a Cop! – Son, Dad Arrested After Cutting Line at Wal-Mart – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News.

Nothing like a little abuse of power eh?  Way to go copper that’s so awesome! What is it about Walmart that turns people into complete assholes?  I personally, have seen little old ladies that would sooner rip your head off as opposed to give two inches to let you pass down the aisle toward the microwave pork rinds.  I fart in your general direction mean old ladies!

N2O Molecule

Every person should get about 3 minutes of air, fairly saturated with nitrous oxide, just enough to make them chill, groovy and friendly.  Right there in the foyer would be perfect, you have that vacuous atmosphere anyway, pump that sucker full of laughing gas and lets go to walmart.  Problem solved my friends, problem solved.

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