What kind of pie? Hell no I don’t want any. WTF?

Yeah, you read right,  today I came across a variety of pie that I refused to try.  The production manager at the plant Bill, well, he cooks a lot, so far he has brought smoked brisket, jalapeno flavored peanut brittle and smoked cheese. (which are all awesome by the way)  Today though, he brought in something that I would have never expected, let alone thought of, vinegar pie.  See, I was headed to the 10 o’clock production meeting when I met Safety Dave on the stairs carrying what appeared to be some sort of specimen in a small airtight plastic container. No bigs really, but when he got back to the conference room there was a smell trailing along with him.  It wasn’t the normal Safety Dave smell that we’ve all come to expect, it was vinegar and it was coming from that specimen.  He had brought paper plates and plastic cutlery so he was planning on someone eating said specimen besides him.  He wanted to share with us or at least he wanted it to appear that way.  What he was really thinking is misery loves company and he didn’t want to be alone with this concoction.  Listen folks, I don’t know what you think but where I come from vinegar is for cleaning coffee pots and feminine hygiene products.  It should never be used as the main ingredient in something so sacred as pie.  I know, I know they say we are in a depression and that very well may be true but, I have yet to see a soup-line or read of anything remotely resembling a fruit shortage.

I have to tell you that I am very disapointed with this discovery because up until this point I thought there wasn’t any kind of pie that I wouldn’t try.  Wrong!  Thanks Bill I owe you, you my friend have taken one aspect of my life I thought would never change, my love for all things and all varieties of pie.  You Suck!