Internet Archive: Details: Patterson Hood Live at 40 Watt Club on 1998-08-12

Internet Archive: Details: Patterson Hood Live at 40 Watt Club on 1998-08-12.


Watt Club on 1998-08-12  ♦♦♦♦
Patterson Hood
40 Watt Club
Athens, Ga

I was listening to some really good grunge yesterday, Temple Of The Dog to be exact and an acquaintance told me to stop living in the past and then had the nerve to refer to me as “Old Man”.  Fucker, you are only a few short months younger than me remember that!  Anyway I truly don’t know what I would do without tunes and a good variety of them too.  I was pumped to hear Buck Owens and Hank Williams on my way to work this morning.  The other day I had a jones for some Ramones, you just never know what the hell is gonna be blaring out of these speakers. Apparently all of the stuff I have been listening to lately makes me old by some standard still unbeknownst to me. Whatever, all of it is good and it gets me where I’m going if you get my drift.

On with the show. Once again I found a killer Patterson Hood solo show, albeit a short one it’s packed with a lot of the standard fare that you would expect from the frontman of the Drive By Truckers plus a couple of little nuggets that I had not heard before I was pointed to this show. The first surprise is a song entitled Don’t Be In Love Around Me, supposedly its a pseudo attempt at a bluegrass song.  Its just a good song about that little gag reflex you get when you see a couple sharing a lingering intimate moment in public.  The second gem is, well, its a Truckers song but its not Patterson’s song its Mike Cooley’s song only Patterson makes it his, in his own way.  Its good and it was actually the reason I went to go get this show in the first place its called Panties In Your Purse.  As a matter of fact Patterson calls to the audience for requests and someone says Dylan, well there is a line in this song about Dylan and I’m pretty sure that’s the reason he picked it.  Its just a fun spur of the moment thing and it works. My only knock is that I just wish this show was a little longer the taper missed the first song and that’s a bummer but that kind of thing happens from time to time. I’m glad the tapers do what they do and the artists let them.

If you like what you hear you can go to the Archive yourself and download this show in a quite a few different formats.

Video: Air Force’s Killer Bugbots Attack | Danger Room from

Video: Air Force’s Killer Bugbots Attack | Danger Room from

Ok here’s the thing, I am for anything that keeps our soldiers safe and out of harms way but I’m not sure these won’t become the new land mines that will take a long time to clean up after the conflicts are over and done.  I don’t think these are in service yet, but who knows really, we just have to hope that they (the powers that be) will have a means of completely destroying or collecting these things as soon as the missions is completed.  The last thing we need is some kid or other innocent getting harmed by the cute little robo-bug-killing machine that was accidentally left behind after his neighborhood was destroyed.