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Genaro Went Surfing?  Are you kidding me?  WTF?

Genera Went Surfing

I have watched my fair share of Deadliest Catch and I’ve never seen any of those guys caked up with ice like this.  Holy shit man, that has got to be miserable.  If this actually happened while surfing, well, this dude has got one hell of a surfing jones. I think I’ll stay in the house and have some coffee.

What kind of pie? Hell no I don’t want any. WTF?

Yeah, you read right,  today I came across a variety of pie that I refused to try.  The production manager at the plant Bill, well, he cooks a lot, so far he has brought smoked brisket, jalapeno flavored peanut brittle and smoked cheese. (which are all awesome by the way)  Today though, he brought in something that I would have never expected, let alone thought of, vinegar pie.  See, I was headed to the 10 o’clock production meeting when I met Safety Dave on the stairs carrying what appeared to be some sort of specimen in a small airtight plastic container. No bigs really, but when he got back to the conference room there was a smell trailing along with him.  It wasn’t the normal Safety Dave smell that we’ve all come to expect, it was vinegar and it was coming from that specimen.  He had brought paper plates and plastic cutlery so he was planning on someone eating said specimen besides him.  He wanted to share with us or at least he wanted it to appear that way.  What he was really thinking is misery loves company and he didn’t want to be alone with this concoction.  Listen folks, I don’t know what you think but where I come from vinegar is for cleaning coffee pots and feminine hygiene products.  It should never be used as the main ingredient in something so sacred as pie.  I know, I know they say we are in a depression and that very well may be true but, I have yet to see a soup-line or read of anything remotely resembling a fruit shortage.

I have to tell you that I am very disapointed with this discovery because up until this point I thought there wasn’t any kind of pie that I wouldn’t try.  Wrong!  Thanks Bill I owe you, you my friend have taken one aspect of my life I thought would never change, my love for all things and all varieties of pie.  You Suck!

National UFO Reporting Center


via National UFO Reporting Center.

A young woman was driving at 40-45 mph along Lake Cook Road, when her car suddenly lurched to the right for no reason that was apparent to her.  There were no cars within sight on the road, and she had not seen any pedestrian or animal near the car.  She stopped her car immediately, got out, and apparently was flabbergasted by the appearance of the left side of her automobile.

The investigating police officer could not provide an adequate explanation for the damage.  He noted that there was no damaged paint, and no animal hair, feathers, or blood, evident on the damaged area of the car.   NUFORC has passed the case along to Mr. Sam Maranto, Illinois State Director for the Mutual UFO Network (“MUFON”), for follow-up investigation.

We have no reason to believe that the incident was UFO-related, but we have no explanation for how the extensive damage to the car could have occurred.  If any of the visitors to our site have ever witnessed this type of damage to a car, we would welcome comments or suggestions.

Date: 11/04/08
Time: 21:20
Duration: 5-10 seconds
City: Northbrook
State: IL

The entire left side of my car appears to be scorched but no paint was removed.

I was driving 40-45 miles per hour heading north toward I-94 East towards Chicago on Lake Cook Road. While I was in the middle lane, I felt a nudge on the left of my car which made my car shift to the right.  I did not swerve out of the lane and gained control back quickly.

I slowed down and as I got my bearings, I realized that my left side mirror was knocked off and so I turned right onto Revere Drive and put on my hazard lights.

I got out of the car and saw that I had several dents on the side of my car.  There were two that were deeper and larger than the others; one was located in front of the rear wheel and the other was in the center of the driver door.

I called 911 to file a police report and the officer said that I was side swiped by another car but, there were not any cars around me before or after the hit and also there were no paint scratches from other cars on my car.

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about the paranormal stuff that I  plan to post on here, I’m not a nut, but I do find it to be fascinating and will probably post anything that I deem interesting.  Whether it be about bigfoot, something that I see about ghosts or ufo’s it’s probably going to end up here.  I’m sure to miss some things so if you find something interesting go ahead and post it up in the comments.

About the account from above though, the side of that car looks like its been melted or heated but not burned.  What in hell could do that?  Its just a trip, so much so, I wonder how her insurance company reacted and I wonder if they were willing to pay for the mysterious damages. Anyhow, I’ll be interested to hear what you think!

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Funky Car Destruction

Funky Car Destruction